Emergency Services

Emergency services is one of the primary functions of the USAF Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol.   The Civil Air Patrol executes 95% of all inland search and rescue missions tasked by the U.S. Air Force Rescue Coordination Center, and CAP is credited with an average of one hundred saved lives each year, nation-wide.  Our squadron, the NC-162, “SARDevils”, conducts on-going training of its members in ground, and air search & rescue skills.  Our SARDevils receive quality training both in-house and throughout the NC Wing to prepare them to respond to missing person searches, missing and/or downed aircraft, and we specialize in locating aircraft by tracking a plane’s emergency locator beacon (ELT).   The Civil Air Patrol also conducts disaster relief missions, homeland security reconnaissance, and counter-drug intelligence.  Come join the SARDevils in their relentless pursuit of search and rescue excellence as we prepare to serve our community and nation.  No prior military or search and rescue experience is required, we will train you!

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